Steven Tyler Stafford has been writing for years in a variety of media. Presently focused on an epic fantasy novel, he has produced a variety of essays, short stories, and scripts. He has also written and drawn several comics featured in anthologies in the US, UK, and Japan.

Steven Tyler Stafford is uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person. But it makes things seem more professional and it’s good to get out of one’s comfort zone. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife and their three dogs and two cats.

Things I’ve Done


  • LeeraRhiZome #2 (UK) – A pulpy post-apocalyptic time travel story written as an homage to the early days of Heavy Metal magazine. Read it here.
  • FroggoUZO #9 (Japan) – A frog travels to the moon and is eaten by a carrot monster. A quick, dialog-free, storybook sort of thing.


  • scripting/storyboards
  • character design
  • music

“Sick Whales” is an animated series about a group of TV addicted roommates who also happen to be anthropomorphic whales.

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